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"With His Hands" is a creative Christian ministry under the direction of Angela Marks. Angela Marks is a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina. She has served in children's ministry as a teacher, coordinator and director. In 2010, Angela began to use puppets to teach lessons during children's church. She continued to perfect her use of puppets into what is know as "With His Hands Puppets" today. Through her desire to learn the craft, she began to teach herself and develop her own style of creativity.

Angela began to put her puppets to music creating one of the most powerful gospel puppet duo's of all time, Granny Nettie, who is an inspiration birthed from the memory of her late great-grandmother Nettie Lofton Granny Nettie, and Grandpa who is inspired by her grandfather Thomas Jones and his favorite brother Lindsay Jones.


With His Hands Puppets recently changed it's name to "With His Hands Creative Arts" after providing more than just puppet shows to its audience. In the last year, With His Hands Creative Arts have served a number of churches, ministries, organizations and communities with theme-filled events and motivational programs for children and adults.