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With His Hands Creative Arts provides a traveling, volunteer puppet ministry dedicated to educating, empowering, and entertaining people through many avenues. We provide a traveling puppet theater to inspire, encourage and uplift hearts. We believe in creating a safe fun atmosphere to teach kids about the Word of God, life lessons, encourage good habits, behavior, character and respect. We also offer shows to present stories that everyone can enjoy

With His Hands produces Christian based shows, Educational shows, and themed shows and performances tailored to the needs of its audience. With His Hands Gospel Puppets uses the interpretation of gospel songs to bless its audience bringing back memories of the sound of old time gospel and new contemporary.

We Specialize In:



Areas Performed

Reconciling the World Ministries, Charlotte, NC

Haymount Rehabilitation, Fayetteville, NC

Peterson Elementary School, Red Springs, NC

New Beech Grove Baptist Church, Newport News, VA

New Jersusalem Church, Columbia, SC

Lee County/Sanford Boys & Girls Club, NC

AME Zion Dunn Lillington District, NC

Shiloh Institutional Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC

Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist, Fayetteville, NC

Eastern Stars, Fayetteville, NC

Mason Grand Lodge, Raleigh, NC

First Calvary Baptist Church, Sanford, NC

Puppet Theater Now Showing......

God Wants You - 35 min

This 35 minute puppet presentation shares the story of a young private who thinks he can't be used by God because of the sin that he committed in the past. However, his Sarge shares the love of Jesus with him and lets him know we all make mistakes.

This story uses a military background for a spiritual war that our enemy is fighting against us - God can't use me, I'm a big mistake. As the private learns, God wants us to be available for Him and He will use us everyday. A GREAT story showing how the whole body of Christ can work together to make a difference for God. Appropriate for all ages and denominations.


Heavenly Street - 45 min

45 min- Kids will love the "Sesame Street" style setting, where a friendly neighbor, Angela sings, plays games, and interacts with her puppet neighbor "Ralph" who is down because he want's to go to a baseball game but its raining. Not all days on Sunny on Heavenly Street especially when Oscar the Grouch comes out of his can. Angela takes time to teach the children and Ralph the importance of loving all your neighbors when Oscar refuses to give a homeless man some help.  For kids of all ages.

Gospel Puppets - 15 min

Granny Nettie is an inspiration birthed from the memory of Angela Marks late Granny, Nettie Lofton. Granny Nettie is a "Praising the Lord" kind of Granny.  Though her greatest gifts include her southern cooking and her ability to "sing til' the power of the Holy Ghost comes down", Granny Nettie reminds her great grandchildren that no matter how much "Arthur" (nickname for Arthiritis) tries to slow her down, she's been "running for Jesus a long time and she ain't tired yet!" Grandpa won't miss his chance to sing a little tune of, "My Soul Has Been Anchored!" This is a duo audiences love!